Thanks for steering me in the right direction. I love my computer that you built. I love when the computer comes on with that map of the islands

Another satisfied customer

Aloha Shaun, Just wanted you to know that I LOVE MY NEW COMPUTER!!!


I am happy with my new computer and Jennifer was wonderful to work with. Nice job Falcon!.

Happy customer

Falcon is the go-to computer store in North Hawaii for new systems, parts, upgrades, and in-shop repairs. I've  referred several customers to Falcon for new systems and repairs, and they've been pleased. If you'd like to support the local economy, choose Falcon. And for goodness sake, if you're still running obsolete Windows XP, replace your computer with a new one from Falcon today!

Sam Baker

THANK YOU SHAUN...I LOVE  OUR  NEW  COMPUTER  It is performing like a DREAM  I appreciate all of your help.


As a web designer, I needed a PC built to certain specifications. I needed a really powerful machine with maximum memory and CPU power. I told Shaun what I needed and he built it and exceeded my specifications. My machine has been serving me well now for over 3 years. My next machine will be built by Shaun!.

Bob, 7th Wave Web Design

Thanks Shaun for your time, patience, integrity and candor. Appreciate it very much. Back Up DVD works on my PC. Aloha.