Shaun Paine, President of Falcon Computers Hawaii

Shaun has been working on computers for over 30 years now with a particular expertise in computer hardware. He started out in 1982 writing computer programs, and soon learned how to build machines. He has always had a knack for all types of machines both building and troubleshooting.  This has transferred over well into computer hardware, and he soon became a builder of systems and started doing retail sales of computers and parts as well as repairs.  He has been serving customers on the island of Hawaii since 2003, and has helped take care of over 7000 customers here on the island. When not doing computer work, he enjoys time shared with his family and friends. 


Work Experience

Over 30 years of technical experience with hardware and software programs.


Integrity and customer service are always the priorities with my business


Crucial Facts about me

  • I love to build high end computers
  • Avid computer gamer
  • I have played guitar since 1987 and love it
  • I have an extensive knowledge of music with an extremely large music library
  • I love cats
  • My wife and son are the most important part of my life
  • I always wear tie-dyed shirts