Computer Schematic

Check out out Fantastic Basic Home Desktop Computer or a custom built Laptop - Designed to meet your computing needs


Basic Desktop Computer

Our Hawker Computer is priced at $545, and suits most home offices as a basic work horse. We build each one in house to give you the best parts possible and made to suit the needs of most home offices for work, school, pictures, social media and covers the needs of most computer users. Plenty of speed, lots of storage, and still a custom computer priced comparable with name brand machines but built to last longer. Come in and try one and see.


Custom Laptop Computers

We know that a custom computer will generally suit the needs of the user better than a name brand computer. We don't put spyware or adware on our machines, we build using the best parts so we can offer you the best service for your money. We have customers in all walks of life that need various types of computers, from CAD machines to high end gamer computers, we do it all, and with 30 years of experience we can easily find a computer build that will suit what your looking for. Our laptops have the highest reliability in the marketplace, and come loaded with what you need only. Call or come in to discuss your needs so we can build you your dream machine.