Malware and Adware is so easy to get these days, and most folks aren’t even sure how it got in their computer in the first place. Most Malware comes from downloading a program and not paying attention to the installation. Nowadays when you are installing any program, you should watch for checkboxes that show up during the download or installation. Often there will be a box (already checked) with a blurb saying that you will get some great program that will look for drivers for you, or speed up your computer. Many of us are used to just hitting the “next” button over and over till a program installs, but this is now the best way to get infected with malware. Make sure you uncheck all boxes that are offering you something that is not exactly what you were trying to install in the first place. This will help reduce your risk of becoming infected with debilitating software. Also don’t forget to run your Malwarebytes.