Here in Hawaii, one of the most common items that needs to be replaced on a computer is the Power Supply. Often this is due to power spikes, loss or brown outs, and you can buy an” uninterruptible power supply” that will alleviate those issues. Another way that they fail is due to dust. We have a lot of dust in our air, and the fans get corroded and jammed up. Pay attention if your computer is making a lot of fan noise…. Most of the time fan noise on the power supply will go away after a few minutes, so folks can tend to leave it and not fix it. One day the noise will stop, and it will seem like all is fine, but nothing could be further from the truth. Usually this is due to the fan no longer spinning at all, and soon that power supply will burn up from overheating. Make sure if you hear noise coming from your fans that you get it checked out as soon as possible. We have seen customers that have had to replace their entire computer due to this issue. We keep power supplies in stock and its an easy and not to costly fix.